Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Investing in your kitchen..........

So, how long have you had your current every day dishes?  When you think about it, it is something that you probably rarely every replace, even though a casual dish set is not that expensive.  Most of us put the investment in our "company" dishes, or our "good china" that is maybe used just a few times a year.  Our every day dishes, on the other hand,  are miss-matched, missing, chipped, but we hang on to them.

I decided to invest in everyday dishes, that would also be nice enough for when company came.  I chose white square dishes, because I love them, and because white gives me the versatility to change up my colors anytime I want to with table settings.  I got the idea from watching "The Barefoot Contessa".  Ina Garten, who I wish was my next door neighbor.  She creates the most beautiful table settings, but always with white plates.  The white plates make the food the star, and I definitely appreciate the difference in my own food pictures using them.

I purchased these at Pottery Barn.  I got a set price (2 sets of 4 servings-8 total) even though the dishes are sold a la carte.  That's great, because if I break or chip a piece, I can buy just the replacement.  It's a first for me, because I've always just gone to the department store, i.e. Target and bought a boxed set.  This was an actual investment, in me, and for my kitchen.  Another benefit, any white accessories, serving dishes, or color serving dishes will still make a pretty table.  I am looking forward to shopping for napkins for every season, mood, color desire, and holiday, because I no longer have a huge assortment of dishes.  The white dishes will go with everything!

Think about getting a set of white dishes and give them a try.  I think you will enjoy the change back to a classic.

Have a wonderful day!


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