Monday, January 28, 2013

Repurpose a hanging jewelry organizer....

I am so excited about this little $7.00 Hanging Jewelry Organizer I found at Big Lots the other day.  On the tag it says great for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and other accessories.  Well I am about 80% happy with the current setup I have for my jewelry (okay, maybe one day I'll be 100%), but I knew this little gem would come in handy for some organizational purpose around the house.

I re-watched Clean Freaks on HGTV and saw this great idea from Alejandra @, and implemented it today.  I too love to give gifts, and this hanging jewelry organizer is perfect for my gift tags and gift enclosure envelopes.

No more digging through the drawer searching.  Nice, neat, divided, and most important, visible!  I never realized how much I am an "out of sight out of mind" person, so this system works great for me.  I love to give gifts and go through a lot of gift totes and tissue paper.  When you tie on a tag, the recipient can re-use the gift tote, so you're recycling too!

Have a wonderful week!

Nancy :)

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