Friday, January 4, 2013

Man Cave Picture Ledge Wall......

Happy New Year!  I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've posted, but I have had a crazy few months.  Please don't give up on me!

My dear husband had to give up a huge garage/shop when we moved to South Florida this past spring. I am such a wonderful wife, that I let him have the largest room in the house as his "man cave."  (Don't worry ladies, it can't be seen from the front door).  He has his home office, cable television, and now thanks to this new gallery wall, all of his treasures around him.  There is also a nice loveseat, a bar with a sink, the coffee maker and a huge sliding glass door going out to our pool.  I honestly have nothing in that room except for a shared wireless printer.....seriously.  I have never let go of that much control of an indoor space before!  He does graciously share the space with our dog Lexi (her kennel and treats are allowed there) and our grandson's toy box and DVD player for when he comes to visit.

We unearthed all of these pictures while on vacation during Christmas.  We both shuttered at the thought of a gazillion holes in the wall, so I looked online for picture ledges.  He wanted them to be eight feet long and we couldn't find any.  After a two minute search on the internet, I found these wonderful plans here.  Alas, the next morning he went to Lowe's, made them, painted them the same wall color and we've been admiring them ever since.

Yes, the hubby drag races (a dragster now, previously a drag bike).  

I love the idea of this wall, and the ability to have an always changing photo gallery if you want to.  This was a very cost effective project.  We already had the paint and nails.  We purchased wood that was already primed so the cost was about $15.00 per shelf.  Hubby said it would have been about 1/3 less if he had purchased wood not primed.  I had NOTHING to do with picture placement, but I am pretty proud of him and his decorating ability.....

Have a wonderful week!

Nancy :)


  1. OOOh such a good idea... I think this would work really welll in our office :o) Thanks Nancy!