Thursday, July 26, 2012

Linen closet - re purposed! ......

Yes, this is the year.  It is the year I finally, positively, absolutely commit to finding a place for everything, and everything in it's place.  Okay, a gal can dream, can't she?  Seriously though, I am making an incredible amount of progress in getting things organized, but most importantly, getting rid of things I no longer need.  

I was inspired by the HGTV special "Neat Freaks".  It showed some very organized families and how they live, plan, shop, decorate on a budget, and even one person that was in an incredibly organized living space of only 300 square feet.  I would encourage you to go to, and as of yesterday, they were still showing the full episode, and I think you'll love it.  Some of the bloggers we love to read and follow on Pinterest and Facebook are on the show as well.

I decided to store all bath towels in the bathrooms, and all sheet sets in the bedrooms.  I limited myself to only 3 sets of sheets per bed, but 2 would work just as well.  The system I am using for the linen closet frees up the cabinet in the bathrooms to make room for the towel storage.

These are the center 3 shelves, but I have the top shelf busy and the floor working as well.

Another view.  I love it!  Good inspiration to put things back, and one of my favorite clear boxes is "Travel Size", because we like to be on the go, and yes, I keep those little lotions and shampoos I get at a hotel, don't you?

Close up view.  Now, I'm sure your next question will be, where did you get those awesome labels?  I got them from Alejandra at  She was on the HGTV special, but I had discovered her months before, and loved her organizational style so much, I bought the filing system she recommends (future post) and now these awesome storage labels.  Please follow her videos any chance you get, you'll be inspired!  The clear boxes are from the The Container Store.  They used to hold my shoes (yep, I bought the box of 20 last year actually) but my new closet system has racks, so I re purposed the shoe boxes.

There you have it, the reason I haven't posted all week until now.  I was cleaning out things I had been putting off doing.  Oh, and another reason.....I couldn't remember where I put my digital camera!  So much for a place for everything.....but what the hey, I am sure trying.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Nancy :)


  1. Looks great! I love HGTV, Pinterest, Facebook, etc..... I also watched and recorded HGTV's Clean Freaks. After being absolutely impressed with such creative and visually appealing organizational methods, I looked up Alejandra! I recently joined her program with determination to live a more productive and organized lifestyle. She's a Godsend, isn't she!! Keep up the good work......I look forward to your future posts and pics. By the way, Alejandra's link led me here!!!!!

  2. Thank you so much, Katie! I'm attempting those bigger projects one at a time, but hopefully I'm getting there! I'm almost done with the 7 day program too, and I love it! Thanks for the kudos, and I'm so glad you found me!

  3. Wow, looks great! Now you can find everything. Where do you get those clear pockets where you put the labels into?

    Thank you

  4. Office Depot, but hard to find in the stores so I ordered on line. Here is the link: