Friday, January 11, 2013

DVD storage.......

I come from a family of movie lovers.  If you started talking movies with anyone in my immediate family, we could actually amaze you with our vast knowledge of useless trivia.  We are name droppers of actors of old and current movies alike.  We would kick your booty if all the Jeopardy categories were on movies.  It's just a fact.

All of the movies take up a lot of space, and I am honestly not willing to part with a movie I love.  It was great when the size of movies decreased from VHS tapes to our current DVDs.  I tried a binder method of 4 movies per page, but that was too hard to go through and search, and definitely difficult to keep alphabetized.

I decided to buy slim CD covers and transfer the movies over to them.  They are now very easy to alphabetize and flip file through a media storage box, and best of all, they take up 2/3 less space!  The below picture shows 10 DVDs vs 30 DVDs.  

I no longer have guilt over how much space my movies take up.  They are all contained in one cabinet now.  I will confess that I keep the covers of some of the Disney classics, but otherwise, buy buy DVD cover, hello more movies and extra space.

Do you have a movie lover in your home?  Maybe this will work for you.

Have a wonderful week!

Nancy :)

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