Saturday, September 22, 2012

An inviting guest room, on a budget.......

I have always dreamed of having a room in my house done in black and white toile, and now that dream has come true.  This is my upstairs guest room in our new home in Fort Lauderdale.  The walls are a pretty french gray, which I love.  

Now, how is this room been done on a budget?  Fairly easy.  The furniture and lamps are from Ikea, the bedding is from and the pictures are from Kirkland's clearance.  I already had the the other accessories and sheets, so my only splurge in this entire room was the luggage rack from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

I love to have company and entertain, and I think this room is very welcoming.  I'm the one in our family and friends that is located closest to the beach and in the warmest year round climate of all, and now that we're pretty much settled in (we just moved here in May), I hope that they all start showing up, especially when they get cold up north.

My next addition will be small baskets with toiletries, etc., I just haven't got around to that yet, but I think it will be a nice touch.

I also have another guest room downstairs that just needs a bit more artwork before I post pictures, and it was truly done on a budget, because the cost of that furniture was free, thanks to my lovely daughter and son-in-law!  Can't wait to show you that one too!

So, you can decorate a guest room on a budget, that feels welcoming.  Good luck on all of your decorating journeys!

Nancy :)


  1. Very pretty Nancy. I have always loved toile :o) Looks very inviting, does breakfast come with that? LOL

  2. Absolutely, but it's sandwiches or going out for lunch, LOL!