Thursday, January 17, 2013

Got Herbs?

I have the most boring kitchen ever.  It is totally white, except for the stainless steel appliances.  Believe it or not, the wall color was even white before we painted it.  White, on white, on white.  Snooze fest.  No inspiration to cook, or clean for that matter.  Kitchen update plans: on hold indefinitely, because my bathrooms (all 3 of them) have got to come first, but at least they have some color!  What's a girl to do on such a limited budget?   First things first, ugly window coverings (multi-colored pastel horizontal blinds), out!  Paint - wall color same as the rest of the first level, indulgent mocha by Behr.

I know, you can't tell the paint color with these night photos I took, buy my kitchen during the day is so white, and so bright, you have to wear sunglasses in there in the afternoons.  No, seriously, you can ask my friend's Mom, my new and wonderful house-sitter and dog-sitter.  "Nancy, I had to wear sunglasses to work in your kitchen."  Okay, I have to wear sunglasses in there too, prescription none the less.....but I am not covering those windows and blocking a view of a pool, canal and my coconut tree!

My choice of window decor----fresh herbs!  I was so tired of paying $2.99 at the supermarket for a handful of fresh herbs, that would not last beyond 5 days, no matter what tricks I tried.  So this girl is growing her own, and in addition to the window herbs, I have a huge planter by the pool with a rosemary bush.

Here are some pictures:

right side of kitchen

L-R - Mint, Rosemary, Lemon Thyme, Oregano, German Thyme, Chives, Italian Parsley, Sweet Basil

See how white it is?  Why multiple utensil holders?  Those two corners that look like 4 drawers, NOT!  They are faux drawers, therefore I only have 1 large drawer, 3 small drawers, and 2 tiny drawers......

left side of kitchen, pantry left of refrigerator.....but you've seen that. :)

So, to tone down the white, I added color at the top, thanks to gifts, a trip to Hobby Lobby, Kirklands, Home Goods,  Marshalls, TJ Maxx..........

The wonderful hubby put shelves above the window for me.....oh yeah, Burlington Coat Factory.....

Coffee side of wine and coffee bar......

kitchen table

wine side of wine and coffee bar,  open at noon, DAILY!

Coffee and Wine Bar......again

last picture I promise, but who doesn't love a "Bon Appetit" sign?

Herb note ~ if you're a fresh dill fan, good luck pal!  I think you need more than a green thumb to grow dill, you need green hands, arms and legs.  For me, it just would not happen.  If anyone knows how to make it happen, please share your secret with me!

So, this is how I function in the world's most boring kitchen, I add some color, decorate, and keep wine very close.  After all, I do love to cook!

See you next week!  I hope your week is wonderful!

Nancy :)

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