Sunday, September 9, 2012

Trying to keep the pantry organized......

is one of the hardest things for me to keep up with, and I don't even know why!  It's probably because I haven't been checking it that great before I head to the store, then I am in a hurry to put things away afterward, and slide it wherever it will fit.  That all ends today!  (hopefully......)

I moved my spices and baking items to the wall cabinet, therefore giving me much more space in the pantry.  I have a somewhat small kitchen to begin with.  My current kitchen is about 1/3 of the size of my previous home (yes, everything is bigger in Texas).  I only have a few drawers, limited counter space, and I miss my island, but I loved the rest of this house so much in Florida, that I am trying all kinds of tricks to love this kitchen.  Fortunately, although not as large as my previous pantry, this one is a good size.

My wonderful hubby said that when we go to paint the inside, he will add another shelf at the top for me, so I can hop up or use a stick to not hurt myself and store paper towels and napkins up there!

Top shelf:  3 lazy susans, one for sauces, condiments, oils & vinegars.

Second shelf:  rice, pasta bread crumbs, chicken stock/broth

Third shelf:  canned goods (mostly beans & tomatoes) I prefer fresh or frozen :)

Fourth shelf:  snacks, especially crackers, peanut butter, etc

Fifth shelf:  dried fruits, convenience packets, breakfast items, cereal.

Floor:  garbage bags: all sizes, saran wrap, baggies, etc., and napkins & paper towels

Not exactly a piece of art, but I think it will work for now.

I love these plastic bins from Target.  I believe they come in 3 different sizes, maybe more.  The labels are from the Better Homes and Garden website.

So until I can find a better system, this will work for now.  Happy organizing everyone!

Nancy :)

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